Press releases

Enduro/X 7.5 Release

Riga, Latvia -- April 2, 2021 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 7.5 middleware. This version of Enduro/X introduces several new ground breaking features as well several integral parts of the middleware have received improvements and bug fixes. 

Enduro/X 7.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- December 20, 2019 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 7.0 middleware. With this release significant development have been done for Java programming language support. Now process for Enduro/X can be written in C/C++, Go and Java. The system can be built as composite and interop between languages with help of XATMI interface. The IPC transport between these languages via XATMI is much more effective than for example rest services. Works done for Java comes in time when Java EE application server usages decline, due to their complexity.

Enduro/X 6.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- December 3, 2018 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 6.0 middleware. With this release significant development have been done for Unix operating system support. As with time, it was shown that Posix queues are not reliability implemented on other Unix operating systems than GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. Thus to ensure that Enduro/X can perform well on such systems as IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris, Mavimax have invested significant resources into providing new version of Enduro/X. Now standard releases for Unixes are done on System V message queue IPC resources.

Enduro/X 5.3 Release

Riga, Latvia -- March 23, 2018 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.3 middleware. Major work have been done on introducing new feature called Enduro/X Smart Cache. The exposed micro services now can be cached by means of administrative configuration. Once service is being called and configured cache rules are passed, then service results are written to cache. After this, further service calls does not make any IPC, but return results directly from shared memory. Thus avoid any messaging and service processing logic by it self.

Enduro/X 5.2 Release

Riga, Latvia -- December 22, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.2 middleware. Major work have been done on support for PCI/DSS mandatory configuration encryption. Now Enduro/X is capable of encrypt and decrypt sections of configuration file and other data. This allows to configure system with sensitive data in configuration files being encrypted. This Enduro/X version also introduces plugin architecture. So that software vendors may implement it's own algorithms for symmetrical encryption key storage.

Enduro/X 5.1 Release

Riga, Latvia -- November 13, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.1 middleware. This new version makes a strategic move into it's product future usability. This version have extended internal buffer sizes of the Enduro/X to Operating System limits. This means that users might send large data blocks (above 64KB, for example 1MB or more) between the programs. Now Enduro/X can be used for tasks like real time image processing and other spheres, where larger data amounts needs to be processed in the single message.

Enduro/X 5.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- September 1, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced today release of Enduro/X 5.0 middleware. This version is another big leap for Enduro/X to be more compatible with industry known competitors. Besides of many bug fixes done to the core product, the new version introduces new IPC buffer type, named VIEW. The view buffers are known to be used in Oracle Tuxedo, thus this new version will make even more painless migration from Tuxedo platform to Enduro/X. VIEWs are intended to be used as cross platform data objects transport between different programs and machines.

Enduro/X 4.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- July 17, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced today release of Enduro/X 4.0 middleware. This version is another strategic release from Mavimax. It is tended for more compatibility with competitors of Oracle - Tuxedo. New release includes unsolicited messaging support, thus it will make more simpler for migration from Tuxedo to Enduro/X.

Another feature of this release is multi-threaded cluster bridge. Which from now can employ all system processors for gaining speed of the cluster processing.