Enduro/X 4.0 Release

Riga, Latvia -- July 17, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced today release of Enduro/X 4.0 middleware. This version is another strategic release from Mavimax. It is tended for more compatibility with competitors of Oracle - Tuxedo. New release includes unsolicited messaging support, thus it will make more simpler for migration from Tuxedo to Enduro/X.

Another feature of this release is multi-threaded cluster bridge. Which from now can employ all system processors for gaining speed of the cluster processing.

With Enduro/X 4.0, the binary releases additionally will include following platforms:

  • Apple MacOS
  • Oracle Solaris 11, AMD64

With version 4.0, Mavimax ensures higher quality assurance of the release of Enduro/X middleware. Testing suite now includes automatic memory leak detection, so that releases now tries  the best to eliminate the possible memory leaks.

Madars Vitolins, CEO of the Mavimax, said, "Mavimax is committed to the middleware and high performance cloud computing. This release of the Enduro/X proves our vision of the middleware and the compatibility with industry standards".

About Mavimax have made a lot research in application cluster processing and other real-time processing segments. Mavimax clients include banking, medicine, aerospace and defense industries. 

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