• Enduro/X Connect


    Enduro/X Connect pacakge

    Enduro/X Connect module offers simple and cost effective Enduro/X cluster application extension for web services and external interoperability. Enduro/X Connect product offers Web services connectivity with HTTP/S REST incoming and outgoing channels.

  • Enduro/X for Java

    Enduro/X for java logo


    Enduro/X for Java is the open source implementation of the X/Open Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface (XATMI) APIs for Java. It comprises a set of libraries and functionality which enables developers to create a modular multi-processing style Java Enterprise systems.

  • Enduro/X Middleware

    Enduro/X cloud middleware


    As the today demands for high performance computing are ever growing, the logical answer for this growth is Enduro/X middleware product from Mavimax Corporation. As the servers become cheaper, there is needed for putting them to together and creating the High Performance Cluster (HPC) for serving the application.

  • Enduro/X Pricing and Licensing


    Mavimax Corporation licenses Enduro/X products. Main licensing model of the programs and libraries are based on GNU Affero General Public License Version 3, which allows the use of the middleware for open source software. Mavimax also provides commercial license EULA which allows Enduro/X linking with non-open source software and binary distributions of the software. The third option is fully custom licensed Enduro/X source code (with non competition clause in middleware market segment).