Enduro/X for Java

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Enduro/X for Java is the open source implementation of the X/Open Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface (XATMI) APIs for Java. It comprises a set of libraries and functionality which enables developers to create modular multi-processing style Java Enterprise systems. Its easy-to-use server architecture and high flexibility make Enduro/X the ideal choice for users just starting out to build Real-time, high availability, high-performance cluster systems. Also as well as senior architects are looking for a customizable middleware platform, either starting from scratch or migrating from other XATMI middleware. Enduro/X for Java is a good alternative to the declining Java EE middlewares, as Enduro/X in contrast provides a simplicity - POJO based, multi-processing application server with support for distributed transactions.

Enduro/X Java package gives system building advantage to mix the programming languages in high-performance solution. Currently, Enduro/X supports C/C++, Go, and Python. Either it is a strategy to reuse legacy solutions and continue future development in Java, or use at some points of the program feature from other languages which are necessary for the solution, but not available in java.

Enduro/X provides a single source for distributed transaction management, thanks to JDBC XA API, it is possible to perform two-phase commit over all supported programming languages. For example, transactions can be started in C++ code, some work can be done in Java and Go, and C++ code decides whether should it commit or abort.

Details of the Enduro/X for Java product

The Enduro/X for Java product provides following features for the system developers and integrators:

  • Lightweight middleware, as core is written in C thus the application server boot is lighting fast.
  • Full availability of the XATMI APIs.
  • Extended operations with UBF protocol buffer (marshal and unmarshal support).
  • XATMI server executable type.
  • XATMI client executable type.
  • Java jar file compiler to executable. Thus streamline the program delivery where components are executables (as in C/C++ and go).
  • Common logging framework.
  • Common configuration framework.
  • Full system and component monitoring.
  • Clustering.
  • Benefit from Enduro/X Connect package for ultra-simple web and TCP/IP connectivity.
  • Fully unit-tested library with all APIs documented.
  • … and a lot more features that come from Enduor/X core.


License for Enduro/X for Java product in GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 (LGPL v3) which permits commercial use without extra license. If support is required, Mavimax provides support at different levels.