Enduro/X middleware platform for high performance cluster computing. It is multi-processing based cloud-enabled middleware for C/C++/Go/Java high performance, high availability, real-time mission-critical applications.


Mavimax supports open source. The Enduro/X is dual licensed under AGPL/LGPL and commercial licences (including nonexclusive full source licence). Meaning that both worlds get benefits from the product.


With Enduro/X you can build microservices-based applications using industry standards such as XATMI, XA, and SOA. Migrate with little effort from Oracle Tuxedo, Hitachi OpenTP1, and other XATMI systems

The company

Mavimax Company's work is dedicated to High-performance middleware development. The main product is Enduro/X application server-middleware. The development of the middleware product has been done already for several years and the product is production-proven with multi-year uptime. The platform leverages developers to make the cluster aware applications with simplicity yet packages like endurox-connect, offer C/C++ applications easily to do the external web-enabled connections.

The Enduro/X middleware applications are in a wide range where real-time or near-real-time processing is needed. Applications like:

  • Financial transaction processing;
  • Payment aggregators;
  • Card Payment Systems;
  • Fraud prevention Systems;
  • Core Banking Systems;
  • Forex market software;
  • Crypto exchanges / Crypto processing;
  • Robotics;
  • Internet of things;
  • Telecommunications (voice switching & billing)
  • Audio processing & broadcasting;
  • Video processing & broadcasting;
  • Industrial applications;
  • Defense systems (radars, real time data interchange and routing, etc.).


The company offers several forms of the business:

  • Enduro/X Core licensing (per server and non exclusive source code licence);
  • Enduro/X Connect module licensing;
  • Enduro/X support & maintenance including Java and Go modules;
  • Extending Enduro/X functionality at customer will.

Customer support

Accelerate your new application development projects and minimize performance risks by taking advantage of Enduro/X platform. Mavimax is the primary sponsor of the Enduro/X development and our consultants are the same people that create and maintain Enduro/X. This means:

  • Our consultants are C/C++/Go/Java, and Python developers
  • Our consultants bring real-world expertise to your company

Enduro/X developer support

Commercial support, maintenance, and tools are available for all aspects of the Enduro/X through the Developer Support Subscription from Mavimax. This Subscription covers the application development phase for developers using the following technologies: Enduro/X in a cluster with C/C++/Go/Java, and Python including distributed transaction processing.

Mavmax offers training services for developers, system administrators, and technical managers.

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Featured industries

The application of the middleware ranges from batch processing till real-time processing. The industries for this grade of software are wide starting from Banking to Defence.