Enduro/X 7.5 Release

Riga, Latvia -- April 2, 2021 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 7.5 middleware. This version of Enduro/X introduces several new ground breaking features as well several integral parts of the middleware have received improvements and bug fixes. 

New features of the Enduro/X includes Data Dependent Routing support for UBF buffers, automatic transactions for XATMI servers, service priority handling, XATMI service dispatch threading, Latent Command Framework (LCF) for on the fly log rotate, log level changing and plugin interface for custom real-time process notification commands via LCF framework. Build tools now fully support building XATMI clients, servers and transaction managers.

Enduro/X now uses as cached dynamic memory instead of stack allocation in several ipcs parts for better compatibility with the platforms. Multi-threading has been introduced for XATMI servers. Thanks to dynamic memory, cluster bridge process performance have been improved. System V queuing mode for IBM AIX and Solaris has received performance boost, due to changed internal polling mechanisms. Improved UBF buffer performance when working with string types. Several other XATMI API parts has been updated to provide better system stability, scalability and performance.

With this release Enduro/X version 7.0 customer support continues. Any new installations are advised to be started started on version 7.5.

As usual release has withstand hundreds of hours of testing on different platforms. Full list of technical aspects what has been changed in release, can be checked at https://www.endurox.org

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