Enduro/X 5.1 Release

Riga, Latvia -- November 13, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced release of Enduro/X 5.1 middleware. This new version makes a strategic move into it's product future usability. This version have extended internal buffer sizes of the Enduro/X to Operating System limits. This means that users might send large data blocks (above 64KB, for example 1MB or more) between the programs. Now Enduro/X can be used for tasks like real time image processing and other spheres, where larger data amounts needs to be processed in the single message.

Other changes are more "fortified" network protocol driver which will ensure the data consistency in transmitted network packets. New version also introduces batch processing for client process monitor (CPM). Now administrators can manage their client processes by regular expression masks. This means more simpler and effective system management by using Enduro/X middleware.

Version also introduces performance improvements. For example, now UBF buffer faster by fact that less memory writes are performed during API operations. In version 5.1 Suse Enterprise Linux joins the standard release process, which make the wider range of operating systems from which customer can choose from. Technical details about the release can be checked at endurox.org.

With this release Enduro/X users sees the Mavimax commitment to produce best middleware in the market. Mavimax is constantly making new improvements to answer the ever growing market of the data processing.

About Mavimax have made a lot research in application cluster processing and other real-time processing segments. Mavimax clients include banking, medicine, aerospace and defense industries. Many banks and their software vendors have trusted Enduro/X middleware for it's stability, performance and cost effectiveness.

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