ATR Baltic's Enduro/X middleware Acquisition

Riga, Latvia -- January 4, 2017 -- Mavimax Ltd announced today that it has agreed to acquire subsidiary of ATR Baltic Ltd which develops real time middleware products, including a industry leading open source Enduro/X framework for C/C++/Go and other dynamic languages - application server and middleware for real time distributed transaction processing, high service availability and load balancing. The Enduro/X middleware is used in wide range of products, like bank ATM processing, billing systems, real time video and audio processing, Internet of things (IoT), robotics and so on.

ATR Baltic middleware department have spent over 6 years int standard compliant, cross platform, cross programming language middleware development. By combining knowledge of both companies experts, the outcome of the acquisition will enhance Enduro/X position as a leading player in the growing real-time application processing market.

The acquisition, for un-disclosed amount, has been approved by both companies' boards of directors and is expected to be completed, subject to customary closing conditions, in approximately 30 days. The transaction is expected to be slightly dilutive on an operating basis through the first half of calendar 2017, and accretive on an operating basis in the second half of calendar 2017. This expectation does not take into account significant revenue synergies that the companies anticipate.

The middleware market shows constant growth year by year, as the devices become more connected.  Middleware segment of the software technology industry was estimated worth of $428.6 billion in 2014, by growing each year by 8.8 percent. Mavimax will be able to leverage ATR Baltic's momentum in the processing markets
to capitalize on this growth.

CEO Quotes "This is a key step in Masvimax's plans to be a major player in the middleware computing revolution," said Madars Vitolins, CEO of Mavimax. "Adding ATR Baltic's technology to our technology research done for cluster processing solutions gives us an outstanding platform to support the industry's real-time application clusters.

"ATR Baltic is a perfect fit for Mavimax. Our businesses are complementary. ATR Baltic has the right team, with a strong, proven track record. And their nimble, entrepreneurial, engineering-focused culture mirrors our own," he continued.

Madars added that Mavimax intends to continue to collaborate with its existing baseband partners and respect its customers' preferences in combining best of the solutions available to customers.

Janis Vitolins, CEO of ATR Baltic, said, "Mavimax's application cluster processing technologies has the most impressive roadmap in the industry, and it is an ideal match for ATR Baltic. As part of Mavimax, we will be able to reach a broader market."

Background on ATR Baltic is a have developed cost effective middleware and application server that offers alternative to Oracle Tuxedo, Red-Hat Jboss, IBM CICS Transaction Gateway and other well known vendors. Scaling from proven XATMI service oriented architecture (SOA) to multi-language peer based cluster application server for range of operation system Linux/IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, FreeBSD, Apple Mac OS X. ATR Baltic have done lot of the investment in it's product performance and stability. ATR Baltic have pushed it's patches to Linux Operating System Kernel, for getting better Enduro/X middleware results, so that whole industry can benefit from company works.

About Mavimax have made a lot research in application cluster processing and other real-time
processing segments. Mavimax clients include banking, medicine, aerospace and defense industries. The development projects done by Mavimax are not public yet, but with Enduro/X acquisition Mavimax will be able to show it's strength to wider public. The ongoing research in static and dynamic languages like Ada and Node.JS will fill the gap in the market of the combination of the different programming languages running in single fault-tolerant micro-services based application container.

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